M3P1-Introducing the Mere Mortal Marathon Podcast

On the first episode of the Mere Mortal Marathon Podcast, Army Veteran and Clinical Mental Health Counselor Duane France talks about the upcoming show and how he hopes that it will inspire others as he shares his journey of training for his first marathon, the 2023 Denver Colfax Marathon
On this episode of the Mere Mortal Marathon Podcast, Duane introduces

·      His personal history

·      The "why" behind the Mere Mortal Marathon Podcast

·      The Goals and Intentions for the show

Charity Partner, the Second Wind Fund:
The mission of the Second Wind Fund is to decrease the incidence of suicide in children and youth by removing financial and social barriers to treatment. 
Second Wind Fund believes that every child and youth at risk of suicide should have access to the mental health treatment they need. They match children and youth at risk for suicide with licensed therapists in their communities. If a financial or social barrier to treatment is present, the Second Wind Fund pays for up to 12 sessions of therapy from one of their specialized network providers. Their unique program helps referred youth discover hope and healing in their lives.
The youth suicide rate throughout Colorado is alarmingly high. Over the last 19 years, Second Wind Fund has expanded to provide life-saving services to over 7,000 children and teens in communities throughout Colorado. Check out their work and donate at www.Coloradogives.org/m3podcast

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Producer and Host Duane France is a retired Army Noncommissioned Officer, combat veteran, and clinical mental health counselor for service members, veterans, and their families.  You can find more about the work that he is doing at www.veteranmentalhealth.com  
M3P1-Introducing the Mere Mortal Marathon Podcast
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